Fall Colors

Hesperus Blue Hour Pano

Mancos Fall

Another new location for me this year – San Juan National Forest, near Mancos. The area had a nice variety of color, great mountain vistas and healthy undergrowth. The small grove with aspens grown in spiral formations was a really whimsical and fun experience, but challenging to photograph. Hesperus Sunset (Gap Light) with Full Moon …

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Light Rays on the Cimarron

Unforgettable Evening

Sometimes we get lucky, and we’re present at just the right location, at the right time, with conditions and views that are unforgettable. Then we can only hope that the images we create do justice to the life experience. Evenings like this is why many of us pursue nature photography. I am twice blessed to …

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Ohio Pass

Ohio and Kebler Passes near Crested Butte are popular go-to locations for Colorado Fall Colors. And even though it has become more crowded over the years, it’s still worth the trip. The area grows some of the most beautiful aspen forests to be found. We had one incredible morning with heavy fog moving through the …

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Nellie Creek Falls

Lake City

This year’s Colorado Fall colors turned later than usual. The usual, go-to locations showed only hints of yellow at the beginning of my trip. So, my friends and I visited some areas that we’d never really spent much time photographing before. Lake City was one of the areas that turned first. It was so much …

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Fall Colors 2021

This year’s Colorado fall colors were amazing – some of the best in years. And to top it off, the weather conditions during the first week of October made for great photography.

I visited some familiar locations, as well as some new ones. And while I’ve always been drawn to majestic landscapes, I spent some time focusing on details and smaller scenes, too.

Moseley Ridge

Moseley Ridge

The West Elk Mountains are known for their rugged spires and castle-like formations. Moseley Ridge is one of the less well-known, without any named peaks, but is beautiful none-the-less.